Format of Fiddlejam

Alternate Tuesdays from Sept – June

St. George’s Church – Fitzgerald and 6th, Courtenay, BC

7:00 – 7:50 jam on mainly older tunes.
When possible we learn a new tune at about 7:30
8:00 – 8:15 – snacks
(At this point the younger players will often head home to bed.)
8:15 – 9:00 Open jam.
There is a $2 drop-in charge for musicians. If you just want to sit and listen at the back or dance to the music, be our guest, there is no charge.

Jam Etiquette
Fiddlejam format is to go around the circle asking for tune requests. We try for 3, so we can keep playing for three tunes in a row. You may count in your own tune if you like. Choose a tune that people know. Be tuned in to the players around you and choose something that will include them. (Especially in the first hour when the younger players are there.) In the first hour, with faster tunes, we will play them through slowly twice and then crank them up to speed.

When a tune is being taught it is important to be quiet and play only when the instructor gives the cue to play. Back up players, if accompanying the tune being taught, should play quietly.

As Fiddlejam, we are often invited to play at community events. At general playouts everyone is always welcome and if there is remuneration it is divided amongst the players. Sometimes we receive a request for a couple of players and we will generally call on the younger players to do these gigs.

Fiddlejam Books
Over the years Cindy has assembled books of sheet music of the tunes that have been taught each year. She has also made CD’s of the tunes. There are now 7 books. These are available for $6 each.
A few years ago we chose 20 of the “easier” Fiddlejam tunes and Cindy compiled them all in one Beginner Book with a CD.
To order any Fiddlejam Books speak to Cindy at Fiddlejam.

All info goes out via e-mail.
If interested write your e-mail in the green binder or send an email to to be added to the list.

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